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Chanel Buy Shoes Casual Canvas Cowhide Rubber Silk Autumn Vintage


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обувь.ftg/Lux/WSH84 💰280 “Exclusive top version”
C*HANE Xiangjia 2022 Autumn latest king -bombing casual shoes series …
【Pine cakes thick bottom canvas casual shoes】
Exclusive model opening stocks. At present, super popular biscuits shoes, Internet celebrity star Xiaohongshu pushed push ☀ continuously hot 🔥 The stupid and cute shape of the sale brought a retro flavor!Special shape, very recognizable, style design, long legs, absolute strength, comfortable to wear, high value and comfortable, increased to everyone, this year’s series, minimalist style of the series, minimalist style, The most versatile …
Fabric: Original custom canvas, full and soft texture
❷: The original customized high -density fabric
: Silk leather injection molding, comfortable foot feel, super skin -friendly
Daedo: Original Model High Bulk Rubber Foam Powder Bottom
M Bottom thick: 5cm
Packaging: the original full set of packaging
Code number: 35-39 (40 customization does not return)
Color: The official website synchronizes 7 colors

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Canvas, Cowhide, Rubber, Silk






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