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Chanel Shoes Sneakers Splicing Chamois Cowhide Spring Vintage


G t люкс FTG/WSH14 Women’s Section 35-41#πŸ’° Male Section: 39-45#πŸ’°380
πŸ‘œππžπ° πŸ‘œππžπ°-

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ΠΎΠ±ΡƒΠ²ΡŒ люкс t FTG/WSH14 women’s section 35-41#πŸ’° male section: 39-45#πŸ’°380
π‚π‘πšπ§ π‚π‘πšπ§ -𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 [π₯*π₯].
Top cargo Xiaoxiang C family chan*l 2022SS beautiful new sports shoes. YYDS’s new daddy shoes.
The counter is really a super difficult to buy a shoe. I did n’t buy a few big cities. Finally, the high price Β₯ 8700 bought it in the purchasing hands.
This sports shoe color matching is really super invincible, and it is thin and thin, and the top is invincible and comfortable. There is no pressure to go shopping all day.
This color matching is also beautiful, and the shoe type is also different from the past. The retro style is fresh, and it feels like spring.
The side three -dimensional logo, the grade is standing!
Skiller cowhide splicing fashion has increased.
With pants skirts, it is really a must, and the key points. This sneakers are different from the previous models. In the past, the bottom of the bottom was formed. This type of feet was composed of 16 different materials.
The price of this original version can be bought for 4 pairs of previous old models. It really hurts, but the texture really does not lose the original version.
It’s worth starting!

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