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Cheap Fendi Boots Genuine Leather Sheepskin Silk First


/.Ftg/LUX/WSH84 💰420 round head [Collection fendi first]
It’s so good ~ Too handsome ⚠️

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обувь t.ftg/Lux/WSH84 💰420 round head [Collection FIRST] 🌸F Alien Heel Boots 5D Print
It’s so good ~ Too handsome ⚠️️⚠️ Walking is particularly graceful
The bold and innovative design concept is integrated into the brand’s own characteristics, and the large “F” alien LOGO and design are very distinctive to attract consumers’ eyes.
Fabric: Imported silk cloth 5D color printing+sheepskin inside
Daquan: Original opening model Customization of the bottom (time consuming 3 months) ➕ leather outsole
Health: 8cm (6 colors)
Number: 35/42 (40, 41, 42 Customized non -refund)

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